Numero #48

2024 AI & Tech

Predicting extreme events, planning the energy transition, managing infrastructure and cities, and accelerating climate and biodiversity research. There are countless challenges where artificial intelligence and digital systems can now assist us along the path to sustainability. RM #48 explores the revolutionary potential of these cutting-edge technologies, yet considering their impacts and the darker side of the coin.



Two Intelligences
by Emanuele Bompan

AI for Climate? A Chatbot’s Opinion
by chatGPT


Artificial Intelligence at the Bookshop
Reading tips from the Editorial Staff


Calculating and Powers
Interview with Kate Crawford
by Giorgia Marino

Technologies for the Future
Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson
by Emanuele Bompan

All That AI Can Do for the Climate
Interview with Claire Monteleoni
by Giorgia Marino

A New Way to Observe the Earth
Interview with Giuseppe Borghi
by Emanuele Bompan and Sara Perinetto


Multiplier of Human Ingenuity
by Giorgia Marino

The (Heavy) Footprint of a Virtual Industry
by Giorgio Kaldor

Open Data, a Believable Revolution for the Ecological Transition
by Donata Columbro

Satellites Watch Over Us from Above
by Simone Fant

Tomorrow’s Sustainability Goes Through Digital and Virtual Twins
by Antonio Piemontese

BIM, Building the Future of Construction Through Modelling
by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

The Possible Realms of Waste Management
by Simone Fant

Towards the SDGs (with or without AI)
by Marco Moro


Electricity Grids at the Heart of the Energy Transition
by Giorgio Kaldor

Digital Twins for Water Resource Management
by Giorgio Kaldor

Ready-for-Use Digital Solutions with IBM
by Emanuele Bompan

Rethinking Tourism Carbon Credits with the Help of AI
by Editorial Staff

Simulating the Cities of Tomorrow
by Simone Fant

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Beni, the Browser Extension That Promotes Second-Hand Purchases
Climatiq, Real-Time Data on the Carbon Footprint of Products and Companies
Smartex, Artificial Intelligence for a More Efficient and Sustainable Textile Industr
ZigZag, Reverse Logistics Software to Reduce Returns and Waste

AI: The Key to Boosting Circular Business’ Competitive Advantage?
by Laxmi Haigh

Towards a Code of Conduct for Artificial Intelligence
by Francesco Petrucci