Numero #47

2023 Trees

Humankind's relationship with trees and forests has always been controversial. While today our understanding of the importance of forests to the health of the planet has reached startling clarity, the extractive race driven by agribusiness and mining continues to devastate these precious habitats in every part of the world. In this issue of RM, a search for a balance that is possible and increasingly urgent has been undertaken.



If a Tree Falls
by Emanuele Bompan

The Silent Lesson
by Giorgio Vacchiano


It’s All a Matter of Timescale
Interview with Miroslav Svoboda
by Giorgia Marino

Metsä, the Finnish Forest Economy
Interview with Sari Essayah
by Emanuele Bompan

What Can We Learn from Trees?

Interview with Tiziano Fratus
by Sara Perinetto

A Europe of Forests
Interview with Robert Mavsar
by Emanuele Bompan


An Uncertain Future for the Pillars of the Earth
by Valeria Barbi

Illegal Timber between Deforestation and Wars
by Rudi Bressa

The Plague of Forests
by Simone Fant

The Golden Rule to Reforest Cities
by Giorgia Marino

The Core Material of the Circular Bioeconomy
by Mario Bonaccorso

In Height and Extension: the New Challenges of Wood Construction
by Maria Chiara Voci

EPR for Furniture, Already a Reality in France
by Giorgio Kaldor

Carbon Credits and the Perils of Greenhushing
by Giorgio Kaldor

Energy from Biomass? Yes, but Wisely
by Ferdinando Cotugno

A New Page: Decarbonisation of the Paper Industry
by Lucrezia Lenardon


Ecomondo: a Display of Growth in the Ecological Transition Ecosystem
Interview with Alessandra Astolfi
by Emanuele Bompan

Lucart Finds Sustainability in the Balance between Virgin and Recycled Cellulose
by Lucrezia Lenardon

Carbonsink: Climate Action Starts with Forests
by Giorgio Kaldor

Building a Wood Construction Culture in Italy with ARCA
by Giorgia Marino

Lavazza Introduces the First Circular Transition Center for Coffee
by Simone Fant

Mater-Bi: a Carbon Footprint and Traceability Guarantee
by Simone Fant

Giving New Life to Wooden Packaging
Interview with Nicola Semeraro
by Emanuele Bompan

Acque Bresciane: 1,500 Trees to Protect Peatland Biodiversity
by Giorgia Marino

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Straw and Wood Panels from Switzerland with EcoCocon
Cutting-edge Reforestation Technology with Land Life Company
Leko Labs:
Wood for Construction Powered by AI and Robotics
Restor’s Open Maps Highlight Forest Restoration Potential

Trees: Inspiring Regenerative Design Across the Globe
by Laxmi Haigh

Helping Forests with More Sustainable Consumption
by Francesco Petrucci