Numero #43

2023 Critical Raw Materials

Critical raw materials are fuelling a new extractivist race. The demand for metals and minerals essential for the energy and digital transition will increase by 500% by 2050. RM43 - with interviews with experts and institutions from all over the world and a photo reportage by Stefano Stranges - offers a 360-degree overview of CRM, from the geopolitical and technological framework to the new frontiers of mining, from the illicit trade in e-waste to circular solutions to reduce mining reliance.



Critical Moment
Emanuele Bompan

EU Goes Raw
David Peck


The European Mining Industry is on the Test for Transition
Giorgio Kaldor. Interview with Mark Rachovides

Low-tech Economy is Needed to Overcome Scarcity
Giorgio Kaldor. Interview with Philippe Bihouix


Extractivism: Sooner or Later, Everything Becomes Critical
Giorgio Kaldor

Copper, the Electrification Metal
Simone Fant

Deep Sea Mining. The Abyss Rush
Giorgia Marino

Space Mining. A Treasure in the Asteroids
Marco Morello

Agromining. What if We Farmed Metals?
Giorgia Marino

Urban Mining. Cities as Metal Reservoirs
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

The Circular Challenge of the Energy Transition
Ferdinando Cotugno

WEEE Recycling: a Treasure Trove of Value and Materials
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

The Illegal WEEE Trails
Tosca Ballerini


Swap(pie) to a More Sustainable Future
Lucrezia Lenardon

With Cobat, Today’s Products are Tomorrow’s Raw Materials
Giorgio Kaldor

Enel’s Gigafactory Aims to Relaunch Europe’s Solar Industry
Simone Fant

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Reusable Filters by Atium to Combat Mercury Water Pollution
Metals from Wastewater with
Circular Materials
Recovers and Recycles Rare Earths for Magnets
Recovering Silicon, Silver, and Copper from PV Panels with ROSI Solar

The Potential of the Circular Economy for the Clean Energy Transition
Laxmi Haigh

The European Commission Raises the Bar on Critical Raw Materials
Francesco Petrucci