Numero #41

2022 Food Market

The retail sector wants to change. The environmental crisis and new political and macroeconomic scenarios are bringing new currents of thought to the shelves of the large-scale distribution sector, which is now facing the challenge of sustainability, efficiency, and circularity. Well-equipped with a shopping cart, in issue 41 of Renewable Matter we took a look at how the food market is changing and what the supermarkets of the future will ultimately be like.



Lost in the Supermarket
Emanuele Bompan, Franco Fassio


How to Cure an Inflamed World
Daniele Lettig. Interview with Raj Patel

Strengthen FAO Schemes to Combat Food Crises
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Mario Zappacosta


Multinationals and Sustainability: Even the Biggest are Trying to Cut Back
Cinzia Scaffidi

The True Cost of our Food
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Brave New Supermarket
Giorgia Marino

A Supermarket Tour in Search of Sustainability
Cinzia Scaffidi

In Spain, Europe’s MMR against Water Theft in Doñana National Park
Giorgio Kaldor

Restaurants and Catering: a World of Waste
Simone Fant

Biowaste is a Circular Resource
Giorgio Kaldor. Interview with Massimo Centemero


The “B Factor” in the Food Green Transition
Matteo Cavallito

Steel Cans and Tins: A 100% Recyclable Mine
Giorgia Marino

For a More Sustainable and Traceable Olive Oil: Monini’s Journey
Simone Fant

Sustainability is a Cup of Coffee Traveling Around the World
Giorgio Kaldor

Andriani, Innovation Food in the Name of Sustainability
Davide Mazzocco

Delicius, an Anchovy Wonder
Annamaria Duello

B Corp Best for the World
Emanuele Bompan

From the Vineyard to the Vineyard
Simone Fant

The Agrivoltaic Revolution
Sergio Ferraris

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
Cocogreen, Agricultural Substrates from Coconut Fiber
Pivotal, Measuring Biodiversity through Drones, Acoustic Sensors and Images
Regenerative Poultry Systems, the Poultry Sector in Transition Thanks to Indigenous Knowledge
Vertical Protein Production from Insects with Tebrito


Food Faced with Sustainability Challenge
Francesco Petrucci


MMR, Give Us a Sign!
Sergio Ferraris