Numero #36

2021 Circular Cities

Very few events such as the Covid-19 crisis have led to a rethinking of large urban structures, to understanding connections amongst health, resilience, sustainability and prosperity. The cities of the future will need to be more resilient and more circular. RM36 is a journey around the world - from the Netherlands to Colombia, from the United States to Italy, from Indian slums to European cities - to discover projects, visions and experiences that are applying this transition.



Metropolis 2052
Emanuele Bompan, Piero Pelizzaro


Bogotá, Proud to Be Latin, Circular and Women-Friendly
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Claudia Nayibe López Hernández

The Rotterdam Strategy: Change Now to Be Competitive in the Future
Antonella Ilaria Totaro. Interview with Arno Bonte

Rethinking Cities from the Grassroots Up
Daniele Lettig. Interview with Cassim Shepard

The Necessity of Rethinking Buildings and Cities
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Carol Lemmens


Urban Metabolism: History, Framework and Application of a Systemic Approach to Cities
Paola Pluchino

Cities for Water
Rudi Bressa

Digital Tech & Sustainability Combine for Harmonious Territorial Development
Stefano Belletti

From Waste to Bioproducts: Urban Areas Turn into Bioeconomy Hubs
Mario Bonaccorso

Construction for a New World
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Circulaire Steden: Learning from The Netherlands
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

The Long Walk to Italian Sustainable Cities
Daniele Lettig

Cities of Tomorrow: Pioneering the Transition
Alexandra Popescu

Ciudades Circulares
Emanuele Bompan

Green Circular District: NextChem’s Proposal for Decarbonising by Recycling

The Slum Economy
Giorgia Marino


Enel: The Future is Today
Simone Fant

Focus on Hera Group
Ivonne Carpinelli. Interview with Stefano Venier

From Landfill to Green Space: In Bedizzole, Landfill Mining Hands Local Areas Back to Citizens
Ivonne Carpinelli

Plastic Recycling Gets New Impulse from Germany
Rudi Bressa

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Green City Solutions, the Startup Growing Air with Smart Filters
Citizens at the Forefront of Waste Collection with
ReCircula Solutions
Sapient Industries: Software-as-a-Service Against Electricity Waste
Clean Urban Waters with
WasteShark Waste-Eating Drones

The Fight against Climate Change Starts with Cities
Francesco Petrucci

Eternal Waste
Sergio Ferraris