Numero #32

2020 Sustainable Tourism

Is a new sustainable and circular tourism possible? In the hardest season for the sector, hit by the global health emergency, we asked international experts such as Kelly Bricker of the Global Sustainable Toourism Council and Karima Delli, president of the EU commission for tourism and transport. In-depth: transports decarbonisation, circular economy in hospitality, ecotourism in forests and mountain environment.



Travelling Light
Emanuele Bompan

Tourism is Dead, Long Live Tourism
Fabrice Sorin, Stefan Einarsson


Packing and Leaving, Safer, Smarter
Giorgia Marino. Interview with Karima Delli

The Four Pillars of Sustainable Travel
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Kelly Bricker


The Future of the Tourism Industry: Transitioning to the Circular Economy
Ilaria Nicoletta Brambilla

Relaunching Ecotourism to Protect Forests, even During Covid-19
Rudi Bressa

The Circular Economy in the Hospitality Industry
Mattia Battagion

Sharing Economy and Travelling in the Post-Covid Era
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Tourism is Part of the Bioeconomy
Mario Bonaccorso

Circular Economy Tours: Exploring Berlin’s Most Sustainable Spots
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Marco Zorzanello

At the Top with Zero Impact
Jacopo Pasotti

Sustainability Travels by Train
Daniele Lettig

Decarbonising the Aviation Industry in the Post-Covid Era
Mario Bonaccorso

Tourism is Ever-More Circular. Four Stories Tell of This Transition
Antonella Ilaria Totaro, Emanuele Bompan


The Responsible Return of Trade Fairs
Giorgia Marino

Building the Digital Infrastructure for a Circular Economy
Savannah Parsons, Katie Ellman. Interview with Natasha Franck

Future Water. Evolution and Revolution of the Water Service
Giorgia Marino. Interview with Alessandro Russo

Antonella Ilaria Totaro

BIOHM: Insulation Panels Made from Mushrooms
Werewool’s Lab-Grown Wool
Construction Using Dairy Waste with Milk Brick
Golden Compound: The Countless Uses of Sunflower Seed Plastics


Europe to Safely Resume the Tourism Sector
Francesco Petrucci