Numero #29-30

2019 September-December

Dossier: rethinking the Chinese economy, with interviews with Hao Tan, a green mining investigation, and the circular revolution of the Chinese industry. From the world: Malaysian bioeconomy, Colombian plans for a green economy, Algeria's difficult path towards sustainability.



The Return to a Green-Thinking Italy
Emanuele Bompan

Is it Always Circular to Turn a Product into a Service?
Lauren Phipps


The Merchants of Doubt
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Naomi Oreskes

Rethinking the Chinese Economy
Giorgia Marino. Interview with Hao Tan


Dossier China: The Circular Republic of China
Giorgia Marino

Dossier China: The Great Trade Challenge
Silvia Zamboni

Dossier China: How Green is Your Mine?
Silvia Zamboni

Dossier Malaysia: Palm Oil Bioeconomy
Mario Bonaccorso


Short-Term Profits for the Few: Populism and Agribusiness in Brazil
Mattia Battagion

Regeneration: Planting Trees is the Secret Weapon for Reversing the Climate Emergency
Mattia Battagion

The Fight Against Climate Crisis Starts From the Bottom
Sara Moraca

Colombia Chooses the Circular Economy
Rudu Bressa

A Circular Economy Must be a Social Economy
Irene Baños Ruiz

Algeria’s Hard Path Towards a Circular Economy
Ilaria Nicoletta Brambilla

Reconnecting With the Original Value of Food Through Fermentation
Mattia Battagion. Interview with David Zilber

The Doughnut Comes to Amsterdam: How to Create a Thriving City for a Thriving Planet
Circle Economy

In-House Training
Editorial Staff

A New Focus for Canon
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Andy Tomkins

From Incinerator to Bioplatform
Daniele Lettig

Circular Seating
Sergio Ferraris

A Long-Running Challenge
Giancarlo Strocchia

Advanced Learning is the Key to Green Jobs
Tosca Ballerini. Interview with Giorgio Quagliuolo

Integration: A Winning Formula
Daniele Lettig

Biofuels: Aiming for a Greener and Cleaner India
Soumik Dutta

How GPP Works in Lombardy
Maria Beatrice Volontè, Simona Faccioli, Carla Ingoglia, Carlotta Sigismondi

Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Excess Materials Exchange: A Website for Material Dating
Nairoby: Personalised and Recyclable Snowboard
Lingrove: From Flax Waste to Ekoa Biomaterial
Lablaco: A Platform for Transparent, Circular and Digital Fashion


Fighting the Climate Emergency: One of the European Commission’s Main Priorities
Francesco Petrucci