Numero #35

2021 Outdoor Issue

While the traditional textile system still has a huge environmental impact, the outdoor sector is at the forefront of embracing a circular path. This issue looks into the circular innovations of the sector with international case studies: from materials, such as recycled fabrics and bio-fibers, to new business models, such as clothing and equipment rental and repair.



The Invisible Thread
Emanuele Bompan, Pamela Ravasio

Sustainability and Outdoor: Rediscovering the Sector’s Long-Term Connection with Nature
Kim Scholze


We Will Travel Outdoors
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Casey Hanisko

PrimaLoft, Circular Insulation for Outdoor Apparel
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Tara Maurer


Regeneration: The Next Step for Outdoor Fashion
Marco Ricchetti

Infinite Fibres
Sergio Ferraris

Repair: Hallmark of Adventures Lived
Pamela Ravasio

The (Vital) Second Life of Shoes
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Rental: A New Frontier for the Great Outdoors
Daniele Lettig

Back to the Future: Hemp Makes a Comeback for Outdoor Gear
Elisabetta Tola

Clothing Goes Green
Mario Bonaccorso

Doing Good and Talking About It: Traceability, Transparency, Innovation, and the Outdoor Industry
Pamela Ravasio


Sustainability: Recycling Plastics and Manufacturing Materials at Oberalp
Chiara Buratti

Fjällräven, Sustainability Through Timeless Design (and More)
Daniele Lettig

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
Cyclon, Bio-based Running Shoes that Will Never be Yours
Luxury Coats from Production Waste with Imbotex Lab
Re:Down, Second Life of Feathers and Down
Upcycled Clothes from Cellulose and Wood with Spinnova


Textile Industry Meets Circular Economy
Francesco Petrucci