Numero #23-24

2018 September-October

Marx Reloaded: rethinking the circular economy from a social point of view, creating new jobs. Italy Dossier: interview with Sergio Costa, Italian Minister of the Environment, and Luca Meini ENEL; Mario Bonaccorso: the bioeconomy made in Italy.



Marx Reloaded
by Emanuele Bompan

Chile’s Journey
by Petar Ostojic


New Model, Different Jobs
by Editorial Staff , interview with Cillian Lohan

The Sustainable Future of Labour
by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Enrico Giovannini

Moving from Endless Growth to Endless Jobs
by Alexandre Lemille


Is the Circular Economy an Employment Driver?
by Sergio Ferraris

New Jobs: How Many and of What Kind
by Irene Baños Ruiz

Making Products Last
by Rémy Le Moigne

The Future of Employment? It’s Very Similar to its Past
by Ilaria N. Brambilla

Too Much Pessimism Over Europe”
by Nicola Lillo, interview with Daniel Gros

Future-Proof Incubators: Between Work and Innovation
by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

A Strategy for the Environment
by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Sergio Costa

(Circular) Italy: Top of the Class
by Stefano Leoni

Bioeconomy in Italy: Adelante con Juicio
by Editorial Staff

Capillary Circularity
by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Luca Meini

The Novamont Recipe
by Elena Comelli

Ri-Generation: Renovating Objects and People
by Beppe Gamba

A Tyre’s Sense in Music
by Giorgia Marino

A Network for Circularity
by Marco Moro

Sustainable Water Management in Cities
by Rudi Bressa

Conou, the First Roadshow Devoted to Businesses Has Kicked Off
by Daniela Palermo

Green and Circular Jobs
by Marco Gisotti

The Land Where Oceans and Forests are at the Heart of the Bioeconomy
by Mario Bonaccorso


Battle to the Last Bottle: Canada vs Nestlé
by Emanuele Bompan, Gianluca Cecere


The European Race on GPP
by Simona Faccioli

Boosting Waste Diversion with Blockchain
by Katie Pyzyk

A Database for the Circular Economy
by Daniel Hiestand

CircE: an Interreg Europe Project Steering the Economy Towards a Circular Model
by Chiara Catgiu, Marcello Colledani, Alessandro Dacomo, Dario Sciunnach

The Construction Industry: Increasingly Green, Increasingly Circular
by Silvia Zamboni

Grid-Interactive Buildings: Good for Business and the Environment
by Cara Carmichael, Victor Olgyay

Power to Imagination. The Radical Green Future of Ecotopia 2121
by Giorgia Marino, interview with Alan Marshall

REbuild: To Decarbonise Construction We Need to Close the Loop
by Giorgia Marino

Energiesprong: How to Transform 11,000 Apartments into Net Zero Energy Buildings
by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

The Renewal Workshop – Unsold Clothing on Sale
RePack, the Packaging with Many Lives
Depolymerising Plastic with Gr3n
Hello Tractor, Apps Enter the World of Agriculture


Trumping the Environment
by Richard Heinberg


European Parliament: Firmer Actions on the Circular Economy
by Francesco Petrucci


Recommendations After the Collapse of a Bridge
by Federico Pedrocchi