Numero #22

2018 July-August

Report: Circular Economy for Food, with interviews with Danielle Nieremberg (Foodtank), Jaqueline Alder (Fao) Franco Fassio (UNISG) to rethink the food system; Glasgow, Maribor, Portland, Milan the circular cities have arrived, Bioeconomy Dossier: Ireland.



A Global Affair
by Emanuele Bompan

The Circular Rush
by Sirpa Pietikäinen


Food, a Basic Unit of Connection
by Carlo Petrini

3D Intelligence
by Marco Moro, interview with Gunter Pauli


The Food System in the Circular Economy
by Franco Fassio, Nadia Tecco

A Sea of Opportunities
by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Jacqueline Alder

Back to the Future, Rediscovering Traditional Knowledge to Win the Food Challenge
by Emanuele Bompan, Danielle Nierenberg

Cities as Catalysts for the Circular Economy
by Joke Dufourmont

Circular Glasgow
by Rebecca Ricketts

Maribor, a Circular City
by Igor Kos

Why is Portland a Resilient City?
by Daniel Lerch

Tai-Pay-As-You-Throw to Lower Waste Production
by Nate Maynard

100 Resilient Cities
by Emanuele Bompan, interview with Lina Liakou

We Are Resilience
by Sergio Ferraris, Piero Pelizzaro

The Blue Revolution Playground
by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Ireland is Ever Greener Thanks to the Bioeconomy
by Mario Bonaccorso


Slovenia Aims to Become a Circular Hub for Europe
by Rudi Bressa

Development Agencies in the Circular Economy
by Irene Baños Ruiz

All the Secrets of Cork, Circular by Nature
by Rudi Bressa

A Heritage Worth Preserving
by Rudi Bressa

An (Almost) Perfect Circle: Paper Recycling in Italy
by Giorgia Marino

Ecodesign for Aluminium
by Sergio Ferraris

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Cupclub, the Startup Providing Cups as a Service
ecoBirdy: New Toys from Recycled Plastic
InStock Recovers 500 Tonnes of Food
Evoware, the Algae Based Packaging that Disappears


The EU Wants to Seal the Deal on Plastic
by Francesco Petrucci


Sometimes We Are the Villains
by Roberto Giovannini