Finless Foods is a pioneering company in the fish alternatives sector, renowned for having been the first to produce seafood from cell cultures and plant-based ingredients.
Harnessing cellular biology and cutting-edge plant and cell culture technology, co-founders Micheal Selden and Brian Wyrwras aim to create tasty, nutritious, accessible, and environmentally friendly fish alternatives.

Plant-based tuna

The first product that the US-based company focused on is tuna, whose global stocks are under constant pressure and which, according to the UN, is the most widely consumed and second-most caught fish in the world.
The Finless plant-based tuna is minimally processed, with low sodium and fat content, contains omega-3 fatty acids and comprises nine plant-based ingredients. These vegetables and plants are cut and cooked before being infused with a mix of Finless ingredients to emulate the taste and consistency of tuna.

Lab-grown tuna

To manufacture lab-grown tuna, meanwhile, the company collects cells from the high-quality meat of real tuna fish. The cells are then fed with salts, sugars, proteins, and other nutrients so that they grow and multiply inside a bioreactor that gives them a structure so that they can be assembled into a well-defined three-dimensional element.

To date, Finless Foods has raised a total of 37.5 million dollars in ten rounds of financing, the latest of which was closed in March 2022. “The capital raised thus far – explains CEO and co-founder Michael Selden – will serve to double the size of our current headquarters and quadruple the research and development space.”



Finless Food

Alternative protein

US biotech company focused specifically on the production of a bluefin tuna alternative

Plant-based and synthetic fish products manufactured from cell cultures in the lab


Images: Finless Foods