Founded in 2017 in Chennai, India, Aquaconnect is an integrated platform for aquaculture inputs and outputs, supported by a digital distribution network.

To date, the Indian company collaborates with over 60,000 partners including fish farmers, producers of agricultural inputs, financial institutions, and buyers, using artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing to increase productivity, provide efficient connections to the market, and improve predictability and transparency in the aquaculture value chain.

The four instruments of Aquaconnect

The Aquaconnect platform is primarily founded on four instruments. The Aquaconnect app presents itself as a consultant: an open data collection platform detects a company’s activities in a multimedia format, while the artificial intelligence decodes the inputs from fish farmers and automates corporate consultancy during the entire growing cycle, helping improve productivity by up to 15% and reduce losses.

Aquastore is a platform that offers feed, healthcare products, and aquaculture equipment directly from the manufacturers, with free delivery. Aquacred bridges the gap between farmers and financial institutions to obtain loans and insurance. The dashboard, powered by artificial intelligence and satellite remote sensing, helps banks and insurers to create credit profiles, assess risk scores, and validate and monitor portfolio performance. Finally, Aquabazaar provides assistance in the post-harvest phase, linking producers and potential buyers online.

Selected in 2021 by the Google for Startups Accelerator, in December 2022 Aquaconnect raised 15 million dollars in a Series A round of financing.


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Digital platforms

Integrated services to enhance the entire aquaculture value chain

A platform that helps fish farmers increase their revenue thanks to AI and satellite remote sensing


Image: Nguyen Linh, Unsplash