NextChem Tech's proprietary technology dedicated to green ammonia will be integrated with Vallourec's Delphy technology for hydrogen storage. Disclosing the collaboration is an April 4, 2024 press release issued by Maire, NextChem's holding company. Upon completion of the joint feasibility studies, NextChem Tech will act as the exclusive global licensor of the technology package integrating NextChem’s small-scale green ammonia production technology with Vallourec’s hydrogen storage system.

The commercialization of the technology package will be carried out through one of NextChem’s subsidiaries. The two partners will study how to combine the Delphy storage solution in the “Power-to-X” and green hydrogen projects where NextChem is involved as technology provider worldwide. Power-to-X projects enable the storage and utilization of renewable electricity through its conversion into gaseous or liquid fuels or chemicals, including green ammonia, green methanol, methane, green hydrogen, and syngas.

Following the January 2024 announcement of NextChem Tech's signed cooperation agreement with Newcleo to develop a concept study for carbon-neutral hydrogen production, Maire Group's product solutions are expanding. "The integration of the two technologies is an essential building block allowing green ammonia production to better cope with intermittent renewable power”, commented Mohammed Nafid, CEO of NextChem Tech. “Our technology portfolio in the energy transition and hydrogen segment is adding one more key tool that would significantly strengthen our offer in this space. This partnership between NextChem Tech and Vallourec marks another important step in the roll-out of MAIRE Group’s sustainable technologies strategy".

Nextchem's green ammonia technology

With several plants in operation, NextChem 's green ammonia technology is able to produce carbon-free ammonia using renewable energy, moving away from traditional fossil fuel-based processes. As the statement explains, Nextchem’s technology is among the most competitive solutions in terms of CAPEX, Capital expenditures used by a company to acquire or upgrade physical assets. In addition, it provides a complete modularization and utilizes a proven design with additional digital solutions available for training and process monitoring.


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