Transparency is one of the core values of Renewable Matter, which is why I want to clarify to our readers how we engage with advertising companies, while fully respecting our authority.

The contribution of private citizens who support us through subscriptions, donations, and bequests in their wills is of great importance to us. However, one of the mechanisms through which we are able to bring you international investigations, interviews with outstanding personalities as well as coverage of events of global significance is the support of businesses.

Before establishing a collaboration, we carefully assess the profile of the company and the people to be interviewed. Then, when we report on a project, an initiative, an event, or a person, we always do so following the deontological principles of both English and Italian journalism. We do not accept articles already written by companies. We discuss together the newsworthiness of the chosen topic, verify data and information received, to guarantee science-based information, and always demand compliance with our code of ethics. We assess medium-term transition plans, commitment to the circular economy, and possible social and environmental impacts for any product category.

In our magazine, all articles realized with partners are exclusively restricted to the "case studies" section, whereas on the website they are highlighted by the phrase "this content is produced thanks to the support of sponsors."

Independence and accuracy are essential values for Renewable Matter: the management, editorial staff, and publisher firmly stand by this. Even at the expense of losing a few sponsors and displeasing a few press offices, providing quality information is and will always remain our priority.


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