In fact, “economy” derives from oikosnomos (οἶκοςνÏ�μος), meaning the management of a household, its resources (which are limited), and in synergy with all actors on the global and holistic level; without stopping at the borders of nation states or the pernicious divisions imposed by territorialisation. It implies analysing each of its components, never separately, but always as one organism. It means analysing all its actors and understanding how they interact and cross-fertilise. Being careful of difference means understanding the cultural development of different economies, highlighting their peculiarities without ever creating classes. It means being present on the territory, to learn and touch with one’s own hands. It means being prepared, researching and investigating, plurality and diversity. Basically, it is about performing journalism in a truly circular manner. 

The mission of Renewable Matter is beautiful and complex. It requires accuracy and honesty on behalf of its staff and contributors, so as to relay a clear and precise image of that which is occurring in the transformation of the linear and classic economy, one that is founded on fossil fuels. Understanding what the obstacles will be, identifying the virtuous actors, scrutinising the policies, and telling the stories of those corners of the planet that are at times forgotten by journalism. This is a truly international magazine, that could just as well hold its headquarters in New York, or Kuala Lumpur, Lagos, Dubai or Lima (for the time being we will remain in Milan). Gathering information from every corner of the planet, engaging in discussions with all actors involved, bringing knowledge to events and meetings wherever possible, and finally also to be available in a digital version on an app. It is a unifier and a node in the web of companies, research bodies, universities, public administration, international organisations and governments that work on the themes of the circular economy, bioeconomics and a future-proof economy. We don’t want to generate one-way information: beginning with this edition, we will have a community manager that will interact through social media, events and direct contact so as to enable a constant, reticular and multi-scale exchange of information.

The journey has just begun: in the next editions we will see this new editorial approach grow, together with all you readers, sponsors and networking partners. We believe it is the right moment to expand into North America, Asia and the Middle East, strengthening our presence in Europe, and working towards complete coverage in the near future. The amount of global journalists will expand. We aim to be present at all the main events on the theme, from the conference on The Circular Economy in Washington DC, to the World Circular Economy Forum in Tokyo, passing through Ecomondo in Italy, the Stakeholder Conference in Brussels and the World Bioeconomy Summit. We will publish new infographics and reports, giving aesthetic quality a special space (something that has always been a Renewable Matter trademark) so as to inform you better and with more style. Above all, it will be a job that has to be done with you and for you. With your support, Renewable Matter, and all the topics that it champions, will go the distance. 

Thank you to all the team that up until now have made Renewable Matter a standard of excellence in the editorial landscape.