Having reached its seventh edition, the Circular Economy Hotspot has become one of the flagship events in the circular economy calendar. It is an opportunity to highlight successful circular initiatives, good practices, and recent innovations, with each host country setting forth the most salient issues in the circular transition every year.

From 29th May to 1st June, Dublin will host the Circular Economy Hotspot for the first time, with an extensive programme of events and cultural activities that will foster active participation globally among stakeholders and sector operators, with opportunities for networking and collaboration.

The event, at which Renewable Matter will be a media partner, will focus on three key issues: politics in practice, citizen involvement, innovation and collaboration. These topics will be explored through four areas of interest: social enterprise, planning and production, the built environment and food systems, and, finally, the bioeconomy.

Why Dublin?

Since 2020, both Dublin and Ireland have witnessed a huge push to invest in, share knowledge on, and promote the circular economy. In particular, there has been an increase in the number of concrete actions and strategies that distinguish the three key pillars of the Dublin Circular Economy Hotspot.

Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the country uses 100 million tonnes of materials each year, having one of the highest levels of consumption in Europe. In addition to optimising resource use, the circular economy also has the potential to smooth out, if not solve, key social issues in Ireland, such as housing, food waste, transportation, and agriculture. All these topics will be touched upon in the rich programme of events.

Immage: Gregory Dalleau (Unsplash)