Name: Stuffstr

Plus: The American app Stuffstr gives a new life to objects that are no longer used

Field: Online platform

Features: Stuffstr is recognised as being the circular economy digital disruptor. Working in cooperation with partners such as Amazon, The North Face and H&M, the company’s striking power is based on digital applications designed to donate, repair or sell unused objects. 



According to John Atcheson, one of Stuffstr founders, in every American home there are $7,000 worth of unused objects, or objects that are used no more than once a month: clothes, furnitures, sports equipment, kitchen tools and so on. Basically 80% of what families own. 

Stuffstr, a Seattle based American company, was born with the aim of helping people to get rid of unused objects. That’s exactly where Stuffstr’s founders John Atcheson and Steve Gutmann have shifted their attention, after working in car sharing. 

The company is considered to be the digital distruptor of circular economy, and its striking power is based on digital applications. Simple actions like selling objects through Facebook, donate to charities or organising a garage sale don’t always guarantee that objects are reused or put back into circulation, whilst through Stuffstr app it’s easy to manage an object library and simply click on the screen to donate, repair or sell things. The objective is making the creation of a library as easy as possible, by automating it, by using existing resources and getting information on what has been purchased by single users through partners like Amazon.

Other partners like The North Face and H&M allow Stuffstr users to find collection centres in their areas where they can bring used clothes of any brand and get a discount voucher in exchange. Its partnership with the non-profit American organisation Goodwill, allows users to donate unwanted objects easily.

Thanks to this app, which is designed so that suppliers and producers have easy access to data on the life-cycle of objects once they get sold, owners manage to add value to any object they have bought, but don’t use any longer. 

Stuffstr is a member of Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Economy 100 and is actually working on developing the new up Sellalong, that at the moment is available only in Seattle. Sellalong allows the immediate sale of used tools, that get picked up for free on the same day from the seller’s house.