Land Life Company is a reforestation company that plants trees on a large scale, deploying innovative technologies and offering businesses a sustainable and transparent way to offset carbon emissions through ecosystem restoration. On a mission to contribute to the restoration of the 2 billion hectares of degraded land throughout the world, the Dutch company uses data and technology such as drones, artificial intelligence, and monitoring applications at every stage of the planting process. B

y planting the right tree in the right place at the right time, the Amsterdam-based company has already revitalised important ecosystems, greening dry flatlands in Spain, urban areas in the United States, the Minawao refugee camp in Cameroon, and restoring the migration route of the iconic monarch butterfly in Mexico.

Intelligent analysis and forecast systems study in-depth data to optimise and emulate complex natural processes, assessing whether a site is suitable for tree planting and predicting, in particular, the CO₂ sequestration capacity of each individual project.

Collaborating with local organisations and communities, Land Life Company makes use of GPS-guided augers as well as Cocoons, which are biodegradable rings made from recycled cardboard that provide essential nutrients to trees in their first year of life. Cocoons, which mimic the action of clay pots used in ancient Mesopotamia, eliminate water waste due to irrigation, saving up to 20,000 litres of water per plant. Concurrently, while the tree is developing its deep root structure, progress is monitored thanks to artificial intelligence.