With wind, solar and biomass gaining prominence and replacing age old sources such as coal, oil and even nuclear energy, there is space for virtuous companies to enter new markets in India’s clean energy transition.

India generates over 150,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW) per day. Yet, only 83% of waste is collected and less than 30% is treated. According to the World Bank, India’s daily waste generation will reach 377,000 tonnes by 2025. With such figures there is an urgent need for waste management companies that will help collect used cooking oil in an effective way and find new uses for it, such as converting it into biodiesel.

Imagine a company with a vision to manage waste and reduce dependency on imported crude oil, thus helping the nation save on valuable foreign exchange. Better still, a company that fights pollution by managing the illegal discharge of oil into the drainage system (which contaminates the city’s water supply and adversely affects the environment), whilst putting a stop to the illegal adulteration of used cooking oil in India’s food supply chain.

BioD Energy India, established in the year 2015, with the mission of creating awareness about the benefits of biofuel and promoting usage of biodiesel in India, is one such company. Shiva Vig, the CEO of the company, envisioned BioD India in early 2014, after having invested in the same sector in the UAE.

In fact, BioD is a company that offers a one-stop solution to India’s waste management, reducing national dependency on imported crude oil, fighting pollution and tackling the problem of used cooking oil in India’s food supply chain.

The company primarily manufactures pure Biodiesel (B100) of European Standard (EN: 14214), or its Indian Equivalent (IS: 15607), from multiple feedstocks (especially waste/used plant based oils) in India.

The company’s vision is to become the largest producer of Biodiesel in India and provide clean eco-friendly fuel to the domestic market. The overall mission is to help tackle greenhouse gas emissions and serve as a substitute to traditional polluting fuel, whilst aligning with Prime Minister Modi’s Swachh Bharat Mission and Make in India campaign.

BioD aims to do its best to keep cities free of used cooking oil, which is extremely harmful when discarded down the drain. Furthermore, if consumed by humans, used oil can lead to life threatening diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Heart Disease, Cholesterol and many more. As part of its responsibility, BioD is creating a state-of-the-art collection network for used cooking oil in Delhi-NCR and will soon expand to other parts of Northern India.

The transport sector has been identified as a major polluting sector. Use of biofuels have, therefore, become compelling in view of the tightening automotive vehicle emission standards being put in place to curb air pollution.

As a responsible business, BioD Energy showcases the use of biofuel as an inestimable contribution to the generation of income with social inclusion, so as to bring the reduction in poverty and pollution around the world.

“Reduce and Recycle” is the aim of the BioDEnergy, as the focus is on collecting used cooking oil and recycling it into Biofuel. The vision of the company is to create a sustainable environment towards a cleaner and greener future for the next generation. “The idea is to employ new innovations and technologies to make the planet safe, clean and eco-friendly, for the upcoming generations,” says Shiva Vig. He feels that the youth should stand together and work to make Earth a better place to live in. “In my capacity, I want to provide sustainable biofuels and related services to businesses and communities at large.”

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Top image: macrovector/Freepik.com