Founded in 2019, German startup FixFirst offers companies a software as-a-service that aims to be the OS (operating system) for circular services and products, focusing especially on repair.

A software for repair, reuse and recycling

The technology and impact startup operates out of Factory Berlin – one of the most interesting innovation networks in Europe – and aims to accelerate the transition to a circular economy by focusing, above all, on repair. To this end, the team digitises and simplifies circular services and products through its own software platform, starting with the electronics sector.
This B2B platform can be used by different stakeholders, including small services and crafts companies, as well as manufacturers and retailers, or even local authorities and families. Through repair, reuse, redesign, and recycling activities, the software aims to encourage companies and users to keep everyday devices and products in use for as long as possible.

A B2B platform for the Life cycle extension

For example, the AI software – which is currently being built – can provide real-time assistance to different local repair service providers, producers, retailers, and insurance companies. Through its SaaS, FixFirst provides its clients with an instantaneous analysis of defects found in products, as well as remote advice via video calls combined with other forms of support during the inspection and repair of devices. Furthermore, in cases where repair and maintenance are difficult or impossible, the service suggests possible sustainable alternatives.
In the words of Sebastian Daus, the company’s CEO and founder, “we want to contribute to saving at least 100 million tonnes of CO2 and prolong the life of over one billion products by 2030”.


Life cycle extension

Software that aims to increase products’ lifespan

B2B platform delivered via SaaS that connects companies to different circular solutions

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