Name: Lablaco

Sector: Circular Fashion

Pros: Online platform that aims to make fashion more sustainable and accessible through clothes exchange and awareness campaigns

Characteristics: Social marketplace allowing people to sell used clothes, earn digital coins and buy garments made by international designers at discounted prices

“Technology is making fashion more democratic and transparent but also more influential thanks to social media: anyone can express their creativity in several ways and become famous through the digital community. Lablaco is a platform combining technology, sustainability and creativity of fashion talents worldwide.”

With Lablaco, Italo-English Lorenzo Albrighi and Taiwanese Shih Yun are revolutionising the fashion shopping experience through a social-commerce platform where you can give away your clothes, earn Lablacoins and discount coupons and buy garments made by international designers.

Lablaco platform is blockchain enabled and designed to create an ecosystem for designers. You can also join Lablaco community by downloading its App, with a dynamic layout that sits it somewhere between a social network such as Instagram and a fashion magazine.

Through this platform, based on a community of users and product and data circularity, Lablaco aims at digitalising and making the fashion sector transparent, gathering sellers, brands, designers and influencers in a single space.

This start-up also promotes collective actions to raise awareness amongst its users on the negative impacts of fashion. After the challenge launched in April 2019 with WEF Global Shapers and Fashion Revolution, inviting people to calculate the footprint of their clothing choices during Paris Fashion Week in September 2019, Lablaco launched the first Circular Fashion Summit and a call for collective action in Station F – a global business incubator hosting technology giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and over 200 international start-ups.