The digital platform created by the Dutch startup geoFluxus presents itself as a waste forecasting consultancy. Through resource mapping and digital analysis tools, it tracks the journey of waste from businesses and municipalities and, for example, allows the latter to divert waste from landfills and incinerators, and to source cheaper local materials.

Making waste streams circular

The geoFluxus Waste Profile is the first web application in the world thanks to which companies can find more local and sustainable solutions for their waste materials. Thanks to analyses and insights, the Waste Profile aims to identify alternative suppliers for the treatment of waste materials based on rankings assessing the “Rs” of the circular economy, CO2 emissions, and costs. Businesses and local authorities receive support in the decision-making process relating to procurement and its management.

The startup also quantifies the environmental, social, and financial impact of the waste flows it analyses. In addition to the Waste Profile, the company has created a Circular Economy Monitor that assesses the life cycle of materials and includes, for example, the impact of the transport and treatment of waste flows.

geoFluxus is a spin-off company from the Delft University of Technology and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), launched following 4 years of research in the circular economy and sustainable logistics for the construction sector.
In October 2020, geoFluxus received the
first prize from the European Commission as the most promising platform for the delivery of the EU Green New Deal.


Waste management

Quantification of the environmental, social, and financial impact of company waste flows

Resource mapping and analysis and waste tracking to improve end-of-life outcomes

Image: geoFluxus