For a real transition to the circular economy, it is necessary that not only individual companies, but entire supply chains revolutionize their systems. But how to get your supply chain to embrace circularity? How to support existing suppliers and identify new opportunities? How to circumvent barriers to change?
This is dealt with by the
webcast organized for June 23 by GreenBiz and sponsored by Interface, one of the world's most important modular flooring companies.

Companies can make progress toward building a circular system only so far on their own. To change your entire system, you need to engage your whole value chain and beyond to create a truly circular model. Succeeding in this arena often requires convincing suppliers to make shifts and identifying new suppliers that better align with your company’s circularity goals.
In this webcast, Interface V
icePresident and CSO Erin Meezan will share how the company employed multiple strategies to transform its supply chain, an evolution that was essential to the company’s Mission Zero success. Together with her, Giulio Bonazzi, Chairman & CEO of Aquafil, one of the world's largest producers of synthetic fibers, will explain the circular policies of his company.
The meeting, moderated by Joel Makower, Chairman and Executive Editor of GreenBiz Group, will take place at 10.00 on Tuesday 23 June.
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