ReFlaunt is a company founded in 2018 for the resale of clothes and fashion items. Today, it is a leader in resale-as-a-service technology and the construction of digital resale ecosystems for fashion retailers and brands including Balenciaga, Ba&sh, and COS. Its network reaches over 27 resale markets and more than 50 million users.

All kinds of resale-as-a-service for fashion

The company offers different types of services, including a Concierge Resale Service, creating clothing resale platforms that offer payment immediately or on consignment; a Take-Back Program, in which the company purchases luxury items from users; the ReFlaunt Distribution Network, which is a digital inventory designed for resellers and second-hand markets that can be adapted to specific corporate goals; and a Branded Recommerce Platform, which is a completely modular website for companies and resellers that want to enter the e-commerce landscape.

Once the garments have been purchased by ReFlaunt, the company handles price management, quality control, photography, and inventory sale on behalf of the company. Clients can choose between the options of being paid in cash or of receiving greater returns in the form of store credits. To date, 45% of clients have chosen vouchers for the clothing brand rather than payment in cash.

Benefits of the ReFlaunt system

One of the benefits of the system is the ease with which items can be sold: ReFlaunt sources the product description from the brand’s database to simplify the listing process. Another advantage of having a resale experience integrated with fashion companies’ websites is that the companies can track the entire browsing process because clients stay on the same website throughout the whole process. According to ReFlaunt’s data, over 50% of garments are resold within a month.
In August 2022, ReFlaunt closed its Series A investment round having raised 11 million dollars.


Technology for circular fashion

White label resale infrastructure for a more circular and sustainable fashion industry

Resale-as-a-service technology and applications for companies and second-hand markets aiming to resell clothing online

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