Cocogreen is the British cultivation substrate company that utilizes coconut fiber as the main ingredient for intensive cultivation of berries, pharmaceutical marijuana, salad greens and fruit trees. Cocogreen offers a durable growing substrate in terms of physical, chemical, and biological properties.

A controlled supply chain from start to finish

A by-product of the coconut supply chain, the substrate obtained from Cocogreen is an organic and natural product derived from the outer husk (mesocarp) of the coconut. It is a renewable, fully certified and traceable product.
Beyond being at the forefront in adopting social and sustainability standards, the Manchester-based company distinguishes itself by having an internally controlled supply chain from start to finish: the product range is tracked at all stages of production all the way through to sale. Thanks to advanced manufacturing techniques and processes, Cocogreen has control over all stages of development and, therefore, can ensure consistent quality and good working conditions. As, in fact, Fernando Sudesh, founder of Cocogreen, says, "Ensuring a positive impact on the local environment and the communities in which the company operates is a key part of our mission."

Smart technologies for efficient farming

Along with the wide range of coconut substrates, Cocogreen also offers other smart, patented technologies such as Moisture Control Technology and Agent Saver to farmers who adopt it, which improve irrigation efficiency and water and fertilizer penetration so that roots grow in areas of the substrate that would otherwise be impossible to reach.


Agricultural products created from waste

Use of a by-product of the coconut industry, refined through patented product and process technologies

Low-carbon, high-yield coconut growth substrates for berries, salad greens, citrus, and avocados

Image: Unsplash