The Knotty Ones is a sustainable clothing brand deeply rooted in Baltic culture and Lithuanian knitting traditions, committed to eco-friendly practices and using natural materials. Based in Vilnius, this startup operates a retail business focused on creating handcrafted knitwear.

Yhe Knotty Ones

Founded in 2014 by a trio of Lithuanian female friends, Akvilė Meškauskaitė-Dobrajs, Sandra Pangonyte, and Danutė Rasimaviciute, the brand employs female artisans from rural areas of Lithuania, mostly stay-at-home moms, providing them with flexible work arrangements and economic support in regions with few job opportunities.

Drawing inspiration from traditional knitting, the beauty of nature, picturesque landscapes, and pagan traditions of Lithuania, the brand employs more than 70 female artisans, promoting their financial independence and ensuring that they earn a fair wage to provide for themselves and their families.

The success of the brand

The Knotty Ones works only with ethical suppliers, such as local family-owned woolen companies from around the world, who source high-quality, natural yarns, and all production is cruelty-free.

Dedication to sustainability, local production, and ethical sourcing is driving the success of the brand, which boasts partnerships with major retailers and the endorsement of celebrities such as Hilary Duff, Margaret Qualley, and Richard Gere's wife, Alejandra Gere.

The Knotty Ones recently secured a 250,000 euro investment, mainly from female investors, that will fuel the company's expansion, particularly in the United States, to meet the demands of international customers through wholesale and e-commerce.




The Knotty Ones


Sustainable fashion


Job opportunities and fair wages to rural artisan women in Lithuania


Sustainable knitwear brand ethically produced by Lithuanian craftswomen


Image: Konstantin Mishchenko, Pexels