Regenerative Poultry Systems is the US-based company that aims to facilitate the poultry industry's transition to a regenerative farming model, based on the proven ancestral system focused on returning poultry to their original habitat. Regenerative Poultry Systems is designed to help Bipoc farmers, which stands for "black, indigenous and people of color," as well as leaders and established farmers in the industry.

An anti-factory poultry farming method

"It is the anti-factory farming method. And it's the future of poultry farming", says founder Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, who, after witnessing whitewashing, the white takeover of regenerative farming concepts developed by indigenous peoples, initiated this training and consulting course to assist small farmers and large enterprises in transitioning to successful regenerative farming practices through an indigenous thinking framework.

With the goal of moving from a colonizing and extractive model to a self-sustaining and resilient regenerative practice, for more than a decade community leaders in Guatemala, Mexico, Minnesota and other locations have been engaged in developing theories and practices centered on ancient indigenous ways of thinking.

The training and consulting courses offered, developed based on this indigenous wisdom, are commercially aimed at creating a standardized model for raising poultry called Tree-Range Chicken and establishing a network of farmers to create sustainable and scalable regenerative poultry production in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.
From poultry farming, the model can also be exported to other sectors of the agricultural industry.


Regenerative agriculture

Designed to accelerate the transition to regenerative agriculture, with measurable and scalable social, ecological and economic impact

Virtual and hands-on training on regenerative poultry and commercial services for farmers and agricultural service providers

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