“Aquaculture has great potential for the production of healthy seafood in an environment where feed quality and exposure to toxins can be controlled. If done well, this system makes it possible to obtain a clean, nutrient-dense product,” explains James Arthur Smith, the founder of Seatopia, a pioneering company in the regenerative aquaculture sector for the B2C and B2B markets.

What Seatopia is

Seatopia Collective is the first cooperative of “farm to table” fish producers, which connects the company directly to a community of consumers who care about the health of the oceans. Seatopia home-delivers fish products that are certified as safe in terms of mercury levels and are free from antibiotics.

All Seatopia products derive directly from fish farms certified by third parties in terms of their sustainable and fair trade practices. The cooperative’s farms have an average of 2% fish and 98% water density, which enables them to prevent fish overcrowding and prioritise quality over quantity.