By using proprietary software, the Cloov startup enables apparel and accessories brands to create an online platform for rental and second-hand sales. Through its Software-as-a-service (SaaS), in just a few months Cloov can launch on the market a branded re-commerce site where partners are able to put together a modular offering for their customers, with rental (one-off and/or subscription) and second-hand.

Alongside this, the benefit startup also takes care of the overall management of the stores, handling order preparation and fulfilment, uploading master records, administering payments, providing customer service, and billing to the ultimate client. Thanks to specific know-how for rental and second hand, the Milan-based company manages all logistical flows: in the case of rental, for example, at each return, it handles quality control, sanitisation, washing, and any needed repairs of the garments, intending to extend their life cycle.

How Cloov works

Renting clothes can be done either by booking garments for a certain period of time through a calendar, or by subscription. In the latter case, each month you have access to a package of garments and accessories that allow you to renew your wardrobe and keep up with trends without having to buy new clothes. As Olimpia Santella and Chiara Airoldi, cofounders and respectively CEO and COO of the startup, told Renewable Matter, "Cloov proposes a turnkey solution, with a commercial offer focused mainly on variable fees to incentivise brand adoption of the service."

Founded in June 2022, Cloov currently works with two main clients, Atelier Emé, of the Calzedonia group, and Simonetta, a manufacturer and distributor of luxury children's clothing. Further launches with mainstream Italian labels are planned soon, and Cloov is working to enable between 8 and 10 brands by the end of the year. "Between 2024 and 2025 we are targeting the foreign market, both to bring Italian brands to other markets and to directly serve brands in other countries, such as Germany, Spain, and Northern Europe," Santella and Airoldi state further. Currently, Cloov has half a million garments allocated in stock.

A member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation community, Cloov offers a highly scalable service, with the possibility of having one-off rentals, subscription rentals, and second-hand purchases in one re-commerce. In the implementation of this circular service, one of the brands' goals, in addition to promoting sustainable practices, is to acquire a new pool of customers, Gen Z and Millennials, who are sensitive to environmental issues," the founders conclude. For this reason, Cloov also offers its partners customised marketing services to create awareness, generate traffic, and boost conversions on the platform.






Circular fashion


Provision of end-to-end solutions to partners and customised marketing services

Service for companies creating online platforms for renting and selling second-hand clothing and accessories


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