Byborre, a textiles innovator based in Amsterdam, combines technology and craftsmanship to create a future-proof textile industry. Working at the frontiers of material development, functionality and aesthetics, the company aims to create garments in which you are in control of the fabrics from design to manufacture.

3D digital design for textiles

Byborre Create, a digital 3D textile design tool — winner of the Dutch Design Award 2021 in the “Product” category — allows people to design high-performance fabrics from yarn and regain control over the environmental footprint of different garments. This will bring greater transparency to textile production and reducing the amount of waste in the industry.
As of 2022, apparel companies can browse and obtain fabric samples from
Byborre Textiles’ library, with the goal of making responsible fabrics available to an entire generation of creators. It was recently joined by WoTO, an experience that aims to celebrate innovations available to all, supply chain accessibility, and materials transparency by providing access to tools and training and organizing events to activate change in the fashion industry.

Textile as a service

The company, which announced in early February that it had raised 16.9 million euros in investment, has in recent years had clients such as Rapha, Adidas, BMW, and Natuzzi. Formed by stylists, designers, developers and yarn specialists, Byborre aims to rewrite the rules of responsible textile creation by digitizing the design and production process and introducing Textile-as-a-Service. By putting technology at the heart of its business, Byborre aims to democratize the supply chain through a transparent ecosystem of pioneers, partners, and makers.
“We have created
a Photoshop for textiles,” said Borre Akkersdijk, co-founder and creative director of the brand. In fact, users can precisely define the process of creating colors, patterns, and textures and develop fabrics with different properties, from UV protection to odor resistance.


Circular fashion

Sustainable fashion platform that combines digital elements and haptic experiences for the development of innovative materials

Affordable and digital fabric design with supply chain control

Image: Byborre