It could be a revolution in the field of synthetic fibers for fabrics. PrimaLoft Inc., the New York-based world leader in research on high-performance insulation materials and fabrics, has presented the first synthetic fabric that is biodegradable at sea or in landfills and 100% recycled, to be used for high-performance garments and bed linen. PrimaLoft Bio - this is the name of the product - offers a solution against the dispersion of microfibres throughout the life cycle of the garment.

Biodegradable in two years

"The massive use of plastics in our society has a huge impact on the environment due to the material's inability to break down and degrade over time," said Mike Joyce, the company's president and CEO. "PrimaLoft Bio was therefore specifically designed to biodegrade in the environments where most plastic ends up: landfills and ocean water".
Basically, when the PrimaLoft Bio fabric comes into contact with sea water, waste water or ends up in landfills, the microorganisms break down the fibers into their basic components, transforming them into water, carbon dioxide, methane and biomass. The novelty lies above all in
the biodegradation rate, significantly higher than standard polyester: under accelerated test conditions, PrimaLoft Bio fibers reach almost complete biodegradation in less than two years, while polyester remains almost intact. However, degradation - specified by PrimaLoft - occurs only in these specific environments; the very resistant fabric will not break during use or in the washing machine.

Circular and high performance

PrimaLoft Bio fabrics are made up of fibers made from 100% recycled materials, especially plastic bottles, capable of biodegrading in specific environments. The production process guarantees the same high performance and quality of virgin polyester fibers: warmth, thermal insulation, lightness and protection from all weather conditions. Furthermore, with a view to circular economy, PrimaLoft Bio fibers can be regenerated in other materials, without loss of quality.
The high performance of this new material has already attracted the interest of several fashion, outdoor sports and home furnishings brands. The first models made with PrimaLoft Bio will be available on the market in the upcoming autumn 2020 collections of brands such as: 4F, ESKA, Goldwin, Herno, Horsefeathers, Icebug, Jack Wolfskin, Klättermusen, Maloja, Namuk, Norrøna, Reusch, Roeckl, Ternua, Traumina and Viking. Other brands such as Helly Hansen, Houdini, Montane and Rossignol will follow in the coming seasons.