Sojo connects customers who need to make alterations or repairs to their garments with an in-house team of tailors.
Customers can book the service through the website or the app, and the repaired or tailored garment will be returned within 5 days.

Tailoring repair via app

Founded in 2020, this London-based company has its personal courier network after acquiring zero-emissions courier and logistics start-up Spedal in early 2023.
Customers download the app, insert their ZIP code, select the alterations or repairs needed, and add them to the cart to place the order. The garment will be picked up at home at an established date and time, and the client will be notified when their order has been processed. The garment will then be dropped back the following evening by bike. The whole process usually requires between three and five working days.

Extending the life of fashion garments

Sojo operates under a direct-to-consumer and business-to-business model. Sojo users, typically 22–28 years old, can access repairs and alterations from their smartphones without having to leave their homes. The app started by providing clothing alterations only, but quickly moved into providing mending.
“I experienced going to a tailor, and it was so archaic, it was really backward. It's not an activity that’s common, and we want to make it common. We want every young person to be engaged with repairs and alterations,” says 25-year-old founder Josephine Philips.

After securing $2.4 million in pre-seed funding last year, and with a team now made up of over 20 people, Sojo is increasingly focusing on business-to-business. The startup has made deals with major fashion houses such as Scandinavian brand Ganni (alongside seven other partnerships in the pipeline) to make alterations for its thousands of customers, allowing businesses to increase garment lifespan and reduce waste, costly inventory losses and reverse logistic costs.


Circular fashion

Clothing repairs and alterations, home pick-up and delivery.

App that connects businesses and customers with tailors, aiming to increase garment lifespan.

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