UnDo helps individuals and companies reduce their carbon footprint by spreading basalt rock on farmland, thus accelerating the natural geologic process known as weather degradation or weathering. Once spread, the crushed rock increases its surface area, comes into immediate contact with CO2 produced by the tree roots, and permanently absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Accelerating weathering

Piloted in Scotland and now being used across several estates, weathering – the disintegration and alteration process of surfacing rocks and minerals through direct or indirect contact with atmospheric agents – gets accelerated by UnDo's technology. This is called enhanced rock weathering.
Founder and AD Jim Mann says that "Partnering with local agricultural communities, they both support and benefit from our work. However, one of the challenges we face and on which we have focused is the scientific side of weather degradation and the ability to measure and monitor sequestered CO2".

Carbon offsets for private citizens

The English startup wants to allow private citizens to offset their CO2 emissions at an accessible price. The company offers various subscription packages, both fixed and customizable, with prices ranging from 10 to 75 pounds a month.
UnDo aims to remove one billion tons of CO2 by 2030 and is currently focusing its activities on Scotland, Northern England, and the United States. Those areas are close to basalt quarries, minimizing the emissions and costs associated with transporting the rock fines to nearby farms. Payment platform Stripe is one of the companies that have chosen UnDo to compensate for their carbon emissions.

CO2 sequestration
Spreading of crushed rocks on farmlands in partnering with local communities
Removal of CO2 from the atmosphere thanks to the acceleration of weather degradation

Image: UnDo