Tebrito is the Swedish insect production company that uses the protein produced by the Tenebrio molitor, also known as the mealworm or miller's tenebrion, native to continental Europe, as an alternative source to feed humans, animals and plants (one of its byproducts is, in fact, fertilizer for agriculture). Established in 2016, it aims to transform insect biomass into high-quality protein.

Zero emission farming

In collaboration with the Swedish University of Agriculture, Tebrito's first step was to develop the protein extraction process, followed in 2019 by a first round of funding to start small-scale production.
Mealworms do not need much heat because they live in large groups. The rearing conditions are very similar to their natural habitat, they emit virtually no CO2 and need little space and water.

From mealworm snacks to ice cream: all insect-based products

Although among the company's best-selling products are whole mealworms in snack form, the "acceptance factor" is still a limitation: people do not want to look at insects. Indeed, as the company states, "although using insects is a climate-efficient solution and there is a market for niche and trendy products, we realized that if we want Westerners to eat them as an alternative source of protein, insects cannot be visible (at least for now)."
The company has a partnership under its belt with Tetrapak, which is using the Swedish company's highly purified worm-based proteins to make a whole new range of alternative protein and oat-based products that extends beyond the snack sector to include bars, shakes, ice cream, and milks.

Tebrito products


Alternative proteins

Using artificial intelligence-based automation to sustainably breed insects in an industrial-scale vertical production facility

Human and pet food and refined ingredients for other food and agricultural applications produced from insect larvae

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