Real Bowl is the online platform allowing you to order and receive at home a tailormade diet for dogs containing no preservatives, prepared using only high-quality fresh ingredients. The food can be stored outside the fridge, making it as convenient as kibble.

 With a team of trainers, breeders, veterinaries, and nutritionists, Real Bow has been selected among about 150 startups and is currently part of the Terra Next acceleration program.

Dog food made to measure

The first step on the Real Bowl platform is creating a profile for the dog, helpful in determining the ideal dietary regime. Afterward, the customer can choose between three different recipes with chicken, beef, or fish as a base, and has an option of raw, cooked, and gluten or grain-free meals. Every meal has no preservatives but can be stored outside the fridge for up to 45 days.

Real Bowl offers a delivery subscription service, with deliveries every two, three, and four weeks depending on the storage time of the chosen product. The food arrives within three days and there are no delivery fees with the subscription package. The total price starts from 1.64 euros a day for small breeds, 2.63 euros for medium-sized breeds, and 3.10 euros for large breeds. Every pouch contains a daily ration to be portioned into two or three meals, depending on whether it’s for a puppy or an adult dog. Moreover, it’s possible to add Oil Bowl to the order: a food that preserves the beauty and shine of our four-legged friends’ coats, or to contact a nutritionist for personalized advice.

Health and sustainability

Alberto Alfonso, CEO and founder of Real Bowl with Lorenzo Tecchio and Leonardo Colturato, says: “Coming from the world of dog breeding, we realized that the market was offering products, both dry and wet, that were not always high-quality. We were already aware that homemade dog food brings good nutritional results, but it is inconvenient to prepare every day, so often dog owners go back to feeding their pets only industrial food after a while. With Real Bowl, we have created a product that allows to have homemade, fresh, and tailored dog food that can be stored outside the fridge keeping a high biological value”.

Looking at the environmental impact, during purchase there’s the option to receive the daily rations in one single bag, an ecologically-conscious choice which helps reduce the consumption of plastic by 50%, while the shipping packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard. Between meals, food can be stored in the complimentary Pocket Bowl, a reusable box for food keeping. For the manufacturing phases, the company uses energy coming 100% from renewable sources.


Pet food

Fresh food, rich in essential nutrients and shelf stable for up to 50 days

Specialized service for the production and delivery of homemade pet food, high-quality and always fresh


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