“The sustainable management of global water resources will be at the core of the circular economy of tomorrow,” states Ramzi Bouzerda, founder and CEO of Droople, a Swiss cleantech company that develops innovative IoT solutions for intelligent management of water assets. Founded in 2018, Droople offers artificial intelligence-enabled systems that allow clients all over the world to measure and monitor water treatment systems, sanitation systems, and appliances and to accurately analyse their water processes.

IoT to optimise water use

Service providers, facility managers, schools, and water system manufacturers receive a cloud platform from Droople that allows them to implement predictive and proactive maintenance, automate the supply of consumables, and achieve water and energy savings for both service operators and their clients.
Clients are given real-time access to data such as consumption parameters and water quality at any point of use, to optimise water use.

Building an Internet of Water

After having digitised over 100 billion water assets all over the world, including sanitation systems, water treatment plants, and home appliances, the Swiss startup aims to provide the information and tools needed to save water, change behaviours by educating users about the value of this vital resource, and build an Internet of Water alongside other stakeholders in the sector.
Winner of numerous prizes including Plug and Play Japan’s International IoT Startup Award, and a finalist in the Hitachi Innovation Challenge for Circular Economy, in 2021 Droople raised a total of 1.5 million Swiss francs from private investors via a seed round of financing.


IoT Water Management

AI-enabled data and tools for improving water use and ensuring quality

Hardware and software water management solutions with real-time updates at any point of use

Image: Jimmy Chang (Unsplash)

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