Kinsect is a benefit society aiming to provide technologies to develop sustainable insect breeding with minimal environmental impact. Insect breeding allows the creation of proteins while requiring less water and land than any other animal“, says AD Giacomo Benassi.
Based in Reggio Emilia, Kinsect has developed an industry-transforming technology for the breeding of black soldier fly, or Hermetia Illucens, a specific insect source of protein for animal feed. The insect larvae, feeding on organic waste, represent high-quality proteins.

Increase productivity with technology

Insects can integrate the traditional sources of animal feed such as soy, cereals, and fishmeal, largely imported from outside the EU and whose prices that have almost doubled in the last ten years.
At the moment black soldier fly rearing relies on manual processes and low industrial automation for the mating and egg deposition phases. Kinsect’s innovative technology is fully automated and optimized for batch production of black soldier fly eggs, allowing it to reduce the operating costs of breeding. Kinsect aims to produce sustainable insect meal, guaranteeing to increase productivity up to 10 times with a 40% reduction in operating costs.

Born in 2016 in collaboration with Modena and Reggio Emilia University, this technology has been developed over five years, also thanks to financing from the Horizon 2020 program, and is now part of the Terra Next accelerator for bio-economy.

The unique design of the cages, the LED lights with specific wavelengths, and the patented devices for efficient egg collection work together with the software to guarantee optimal conditions for mating, egg deposition, and hatching. Every environmental and production parameter is controlled by company-developed management software.


Alternative proteins

Optimal reproduction and continuous batch production with reduction in operating costs.
Automated technologies and plants for industrial soldier fly rearing

Images: Kinsect