Plus: Modular furniture system for landlords

Sector: Circular business model – New design

Characteristics: A new modular furniture system for landlords and a new opportunity for tenants to personalise their rented flat



Strata, a system that aims to offer a flexible and modular “layered” furniture system, created by the ex-leader of Circular Ikea (within Inter Ikea Systems), and two designers from the Royal College of Art. 

As an answer to people’s ever changing tastes, and the problem of finding the right furniture when renting a house, STRATA has developed a model for flexible and modular furniture. From chairs and sofas, to shelves and tables, their furniture is designed and created in separated “layers,” that can be disassembled and personalised. 

The Base Layer of each of these items of furniture is made of heavier and longer lasting materials, thus ensuring durability. The Skin Layers, an example of which could be sofa coverings, can be removed, renewed and adapted to each individual’s taste. 

STRATA offers the furniture’s Base Layer as a service to landlords. Therefore, landlords pay a monthly fee with no up-front investments, no repair costs and no bulky waste to have to deal with.

The Base Layer is standard for any kind of chair or shelf, and has a longer life expectancy than the other layers. Furthermore, the metal these Base Layers are made of will increase in value over time and can be considered a “material bank.” On the other hand, the Skin Layers can be personalised by tenants that choose their own design, colour and textile; without having to replace the entire piece of furniture. 

These Skin Layers can be found in shops, bought from local producers or personalised in fablabs.

STRATA has also added an important third layer: that of data. Special sensors capture data so that landlords can have an updated inventory of their Base Layers, which helps them offer their tenants a healthier and more sustainable environment.

STRATA is now a prototype. The designers Matthieu Leroy, Victor Strimfors e Katrine Hesseldahl are aiming at supplying 500 student apartments within the next three years, with different tariffs according to the needs of landlords, and the objective of offering complete 3 to 5 years’ service contracts.