Number # 37

Renewable Matter

2021 Food Systems

Rethinking food systems from an integrated perspective, tying together biological, geographic, social, economic phenomena, is now vital, both to heal distortions and inequities, and to prevent our way of producing food from destroying biodiversity and contributing to climate crisis. MR37 addresses the issue with a transdisciplinary approach, proposing scientific analyzes and cultural visions, from regenerative agriculture to circular supply chains.



Emanuele Bompan, Franco Fassio


A Systemic Approach to the Food Sector
Emanuele Bompan. Interview with Agnes Kalibata

How to Feed 10 Billion People: The Wizard and the Prophet
Mattia Battagion. Interview with Charles C. Mann


More Shadows Than Light on the Future of Food in Europe
Cinzia Scaffidi

Circular Cooking Poised Between Tradition and Innovation
Franco Fassio, Nadia Tecco, Carol Povigna, Nahuel Buracco

Soil Regeneration: The Four Keys to Restoring Healthy Soil
Koen van Seijen

Biochar: An Ally to Improve Soil fertility.But to What Extent?
Matteo Cavallito

Three Circular Sectors: Wine, Dairy, Olive Oil
Antonella Ilaria Totaro

Architects of Ecosystems: Will Fungi Shape Our Sustainable Future?
Giorgia Marino

Is This the Future of Food?
Mattia Battagion


Circular” Influencer: Competent Agents of Change or Mere Marketers of Trends?
Valeria Pagani. Interview with Giorgia Pagliuca

A World of Organic Matter
Massimo Centemero

Replacing Plastic with Paper: Fedrigoni Believes It Can Be Done
Chiara Buratti

With Steel Cans and Tins, Metal Packaging Still Goes On
Editorial Staff

by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
RunningTide Uses Aquaculture and Seaweed Farms on Ocean Floor
Biopolymers for Supplements and Edible Packaging by Packtin
Mimica Touch, the Tactile Label Cutting Food Waste
Soil Carbon Co: Fungi for Plant Resilience and Soil Regeneration


Land Degradation Under Scrutiny by the European Union
Francesco Petrucci


Friendly Fire on Renewables
Sergio Ferraris