Number # 19

Renewable Matter

2018 December-January

The call of the forest, Emanuele Bompan interviews Marc Palahí. From Wall Street to Piazza Affari, does finance become sustainable? Crowdfunding, equity and new financial tools. The Fater case.

Blackwater, Black Gold by Luca D\'Ammando
Seek and you Shall Find by Irene Bruschi
Environmental Disasters Broadcasted in Prime Time by Roberto Giovannini
EU Engagement, USA Disengagement by Francesco Petrucci
3D Printing and the Animal World by Federico Pedrocchi
Finance and the Circular Economy Flirting by Antonio Cianciullo
From Coal to Biomass by Mario Bonaccorso
Biobased in the Spotlights
If the Wolves of Wall Street Become Lambs by Emanuele Isonio
An Opportunity to Rethink the Role of Foundations by Emanuele Isonio
Sustainability is Worth More by Matteo Cavallito
Circulating Capital by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
Bottom-up Funding by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
The 4 Vital Elements of a Viable Circular Service Model by Elisa Achterberg
A Winning Agreement by Mario Bonaccorso
It all Started in Helsinki by Emanuele Bompan
This is How We Recycle Nappies by Rudi Bressa
Thinking with Our Hands by Francesca Maccagnan
A Forest by Emanuele Bompan