Number # 17

Renewable Matter

2017 July-August

Two broad focuses: one on the sea, on the need to protect it from plastics and other pollutants, but also on the potential of the marine economy; one on the construction sector, ready for the challenge of the circular transition. In addition, an interview with Kate Raworth, author of "The Donut Economy".

Diving into Circularity by Antonio Cianciullo
The Doughnut Age by Emanuele Bompan
Creating a Network by Arianna Campanile
A Treasure at the Bottom of the Sea by Mario Bonaccorso
When Small is Better by Renata Briano
Twelve and Growing by Marco Moro
A Sea of Opportunity by Ilaria Nardello
Ocean SOS by Giorgio Zampetti
Circular Agriculture by Emmanuelle Moesch
Organic'Vall�e: A Local, Circular Agri-Business by Jean-Luc Da Lozzo
Infrastructure: The Missing Link to Close the Loop on Textiles by Traci Kinden
Quality Second-Hand Goods by Roberto Rizzo
Fair Smartphones by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
The Advent of Offsite Construction by Emanuele Bompan
Of This House Nothing Will Go to Waste by Antonella Ilaria Totaro
The Case of Eco-Tiles by Francesco Ansaloni
The Links of a New Economy for Italy and Europe by Marco Gisotti
400 Million Pounds in 4 Years from Biotechnology by Roger Kilburn
World Efficiency Supports the Low-Carbon and Resource-Efficient Economy
New Rules for Reach and Waste by Francesco Petrucci
The Superpig's Lesson by Roberto Giovannini
What Have a Wheel and a Jacket Got in Common? by Federico Pedrocchi