Number # 15

Renewable Matter

2017 March-April

The issue opens with a reflection on urban architecture, circularity and sustainability and an interview with Stefano Boeri, urban planner and creator of the concept of Forest City. Then a broad focus on how packaging materials contribute to the fight against food waste.

Circular Cities by Antonio Cianciullo
Lest We Forget Beauty
The Power of Art
Innovation Has its Very Own Formula
A Map Enlargement is Required by Roberto Coizet
Mekong, the Disputed River
Neoclassical or Ex Novo? by Jonathan W. Rosen
Sustainable Ambition by Mario Bonaccorso
United We Stand by Elisabetta Tramonto
Paper and Cardboard Become Smart by Marco Gisotti
How Cans Have Changed by Marco Gisotti
Steel: A Safe of Nature by Marco Gisotti
Water Resilience
A Compass against Misinformation by Roberto Giovannini
Science in the Trenches by Federico Pedrocchi