Number # 14

Renewable Matter

2017 January-February

Aerospace research can help the circular economy: explains in an exclusive interview Roberto Battiston, president of the Italian space agency. Besides, the circular transition in Vietnam, the Cop22 of Marrakech and storytelling for the environment.

The Future Despite Trump by Antonio Cianciullo
Surprise, Surprise: Germany is not that Circular
Who Will Fund the Rescue of Earth?
Penelope's Lesson by Cluster SPRING
Turning Wounds into Stories
Industrial Renaissance by Mario Bonaccorso
What if we Went Back to Coins and Currency? by Brett Bridgeland
When Design Meets Existing Things by Paul Connett
The Economy that Came from Outer Space
Vietnam Opens Up to the Circular Economy by Carola Marzullo
Now it is Southern Italy's Chance
Sustainability, the Final Act by Federico Pedrocchi
An Eco-Dark 2049 by Roberto Giovannini