Number # 13

Renewable Matter

2016 November-December

Donald Trump at the White House: a reflection on what will change for climate and environmental policies with the least green American president ever. And also, a focus on permanent materials (aluminum, glass, steel) and the development of green chemistry in Southern Italy.

Undesiderable Recycling by Antonio Cianciullo
Trump Warms up the Climate
The Metamorphosis of Matter
When Plundering the Environment Becomes Big Business by Antonio Pergolizzi
Success Driven by Innovation by Mario Bonaccorso
The Liquid Continent by Mario Bonaccorso
Southern Italy Restarts from Green Chemistry by Mario Bonaccorso
Rare Earth Elements: The Vitamins of Modern Industry by Simona Faccioli
Not Renewable, but Everlasting by Marco Gisotti
The Secret of Steel by Marco Gisotti
5,000 Years of Transparency by Maurizio Cocchi
Circular Economy Showing off by Marco Moro
Filling up at the Treatment Plant!
That Treasure Inside a Little Grain
Stereons and DVD Blenders by Federico Pedrocchi