Number # 11

Renewable Matter

2016 July-August

Is it really possible to achieve the "zero waste" goal? We asked Paul Connett, scientist and father of the Zero Waste Strategy. Besides, a look at the construction sector, the Canadian bioeconmia and circular developments in Africa.

Fairtrade Carrier Bags by Antonio Cianciullo
How Brexit Will Penalize the Bioeconomy by Christian Patermann
In Italy, 90% of Waste is Still off the Radar by Antonio Cianciullo
Connett: Creative Communities to Win the Waste Challenge by Sergio Ferraris
The Revival of Eco-Local Materials by Dominique Gauzin-Müller
Children of a Lesser God by Antonio Pergolizzi
Houses in Hot Pursuitof Cars by Emanuele Bompan
Rwanda's War on Plastic by Jonathan W. Rosen
Flowers from Africa by Roberto Giovannini
When Loans Go Social by Silvia Zamboni
Biomass is the Engine of the Canadian Bioeconomy by Mario Bonaccorso
The Future Starts from Wood by Mario Bonaccorso
The Bio Plant is Growing Fast by Luciano Trentini
A Europe At Full GPP by Simona Faccioli
Public Procurements Get even Greener by Enrico Cancila
The Concrete Way by Roberto Rizzo
Bioenergy Integrated in the Bio-based Economy is Needed to Meet Climate Targets by Maurizio Cocchi
Ecomondo Regenerates Itself with the Circular Economy by Ilaria N. Brambilla
A Window into Tomorrow by Roberto Giovannini
The Demise of Screws and Nails by Federico Pedrocchi