Number # 10

Renewable Matter

2016 May-June

This issue opens with a theoretical reflection on the meaning, and the usefulness, of the concept of degrowth: in comparison the opinions of Kate Raworth and Giorgos Kallis. With a possible synthesis in the holistic vision of Carl Folke, transdisciplinary environmental scientist of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Renewability across the Board by Antonio Cianciullo
Why Degrowth Has Out-Grown Its Own Name by Kate Raworth
You're Wrong Kate. Degrowth is a Compelling Word by Giorgos Kallis
The Resilience renaissance by Emanuele Bompan
Little Men Grow up
Gardens and Barren Rocks
When Repairing a Washing Machine Becomes a Crime by Alessandro Farruggia
Dangerous Short-sightedness by Sofia Mannelli
Circular Economy and Producer Responsibility: A Match that Can Work by Giovanni Corbetta
It Is Time to Pass from Words to Action by Mario Bonaccorso
An Uphill Struggle by Mario Bonaccorso
United by a Desk by Silvia Zamboni
How to Preserve Value in Waste Management by Simonetta Tunesi
Aluminium letters by Marco Moro
Water Boundaries by Emanuele Bompan
Pulses are Circular by Sergio Ferraris
Earthworms vs. Ecomafia by Antonio Pergolizzi
Circulab, the Circular Economy Business Game by Brieuc Saffré
Who Said Flies are Useless? by Ilaria N. Brambilla
Follow that Waste! by Sergio Ferraris
Missing the Blue by Ilaria Nardello
Cunning and Lateral by Federico Pedrocchi