Number # 08

Renewable Matter

2016 January-February

The post-Paris Cop21 issue starts from the role that new generations will play in the green transition of the global economy, as Gunter Pauli recounts. Victor Olgyay, architect and researcher of the Rocky Mountain Institute, talks about how to apply the principles of circularity to construction sector.

2016: Rm Renews Itself Along With Matter by Antonio Cianciullo
Children Will Invent a Green Future by Sergio Ferraris
The Man Who Rethinks Buildings by Emanuele Bompan
45 and Still Going Strong by Mauro Panzeri
Leading Big in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Systems View by Marta Ceroni
What is the Real Cost of Palm Oil Production? by Roberto Giovannini
The Complete Package? by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
How to Shape The Next Level of The European Bio-Based Economy? by Michael Carus, Achim Raschka, Kerstin Iffland, Lar
1.27 Trillion Euro: That's How Much the Bioeconomy is Worth in the EU5 by Editorial staff
Compost Makes its Entrance by Roberto Rizzo
Regions and the Circular Economy by Silvia Zamboni
Will Berlin Be the Global Capital of the Bioeconomy? by Mario Bonaccorso
Bioeconomy Drives Resource Efficiency and Green Growth by Mario Bonaccorso
Cars: Design's Love Affair with New Materials by Marco Capellini
The Budding Bioeconomy by Giorgio Lonardi
Growing Little Blue Companies by Ilaria Nardello
The Unbearable Heaviness of Food Production by Gianfranco Bologna
Micropigs from Beijing by Federico Pedrocchi