Number # 06-07

Renewable Matter

2015 October-December

Where does the concept of waste come from and how should we change its boundaries today? In this issue, a broad reflection between theory and practice, starting from the interview with William McDonough, creator of the Cradle to Cradle standard.

The Facebook Generation Will Lead Dematerialization by Carlo Pesso
The Birth of Waste by Guido Viale
Islam: The Third Way by Antonio Cianciullo
Fair Competition by Mauro Panzeri
From Nowhere to COP21 by Marco Moro
Compliance Schemes: Drivers of Economic Development by Roberto Coizet
Technical Effectiveness of Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes: What Do Data Reveal? by Aldo Femia
Natural Capital and the Circular Economy: Two Sides of the Same Coin by Pasquale Fimiani
Why Waste is Not Treated in the Same Way by Giovanni Corbetta
Packaging Management System: Assessing a Tree by its Fruits by Edo Ronchi
Waste Boundaries by Paola Ficco
WEEE: One Problem, Multiple Solutions by Antonio Cianciullo
The Treasure Hidden in the Mines by Duccio Bianchi
New Products for New Markets by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
The Circular Economy: A Work in Progress by Danilo Bonato
Bioeconomy: An Investment of 1 Euro Today Will Reap 10 Euro in 2025 by Mario Bonaccorso
Metamorphosis of a Consortium in a Changing Waste Economy by Paolo Tomasi
How to Turn a Plastic Cup into a Scooter by Roberto Rizzo
The Future of Lego Bricks is Bio-Based by Mario Bonaccorso
How Circular Is Circular? by Marco Capellini
Pushing the Limits of Technology, Recognizing the Limits of Natural Resources by Mario Bonaccorso
A Question of Fibre by Sergio Ferraris
Paper: Sustainability Enters the Production Cycle by Sergio Ferraris
We Recyle Oil by Emanuele Bompan
700 for the Bioeconomy by Mario Bonaccorso
In Iceland, Cod is king by Ilaria Nardello
Earth Conundrum: +83 Million -15 Billion by Gianfranco Bologna
Matter Must Be Renewed, Not Incinerated by Stefano Ciafani
Expo: A (Partially) Untold Story by Federico Pedrocchi
Athens' Mistake by Antonio Cianciullo
Upcycle and the Atomic Bomb by Emanuele Bompan