Number # 4

Renewable Matter

2015 June

The future of the planet and the circular transition, in exclusive interviews with the great American environmentalist Lester Brown and the Indian economist Pavan Sukhdev. A reflection on natural capital signed by Gianfranco Bologna.

Throwaway Culture by Antonio Cianciullo
The Planet We Will See by Emanuele Bompan
The Future Is in the Hands of Corporations by Marco Moro
Capital is Natural by Gianfranco Bologna
70% Recycling Can Be Achieved. Not Enough? I Would Be More than Happy by Roberto Giovannini
Natural Recall by Mauro Panzeri
Championing the Circular Cause by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
The New Chemistry Is Worth $80 Trillion by Mario Bonaccorso
The Hidden Value of Plants by Beppe Croce
10% of Biofuels Without Giving up a Single Sandwich by Chiara Piccini
Business Models Reaching For a Circular Slot by Carlo Pesso
Ecological Debt's Hidden War Increases Tensions in the Mediterranean Area by Alessandro Farruggia
$655 Million for Fairtrade Food by Giorgio Lonardi
The Bioeconomy Gets to the Fridge: Packaging is 100% Biobased by Mario Bonaccorso
The M�bius Strip by Sergio Ferraris
Green Paper that Gives Agribusiness Waste a New Lease of Life by Roberto Rizzo
The Circular Economy at the Reach of Municipalities At Zero Cost by Roberto Rizzo
Made in Food Waste by Marco Capellini
Water, Energy, Matter and Employment from End-of-life Tyres by Editorial staff
A Marketable Seaweed Production by Ilaria Nardello
Beach Umbrellas Surrounded by Litter by Stefano Ciafani
Edible Films? Courgettes Invented Them! by Federico Pedrocchi