Number # 3

Renewable Matter

2015 April

Redefining the rules for market players: a focus on EPR, Extended Producer Responsibility. Insights on biomass and biofuels. The contributions by Karl Falkenberg of the European Commission and Vandana Shiva and the interview with the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto.

The Novel Players of the Recovering Economy Seek a New Balance between Regulations and the Market by Antonio Cianciullo
Vandana Shiva: 'No Land Just for Biofuels' by Roberto Giovannini
All Together on the Sailing Boat by Gianni Silvestrini
A New Paradise between Artifice and Nature by Matteo Reale
European Bioeconomy: Communicate, Communicate and Communicate by Joanna Dupont-Inglis
5.5 Billion Precious Tons of Forests and Agricultural Fields by Aldo Femia
Europe Desperately Seeking Biomass by Mario Bonaccorso
Bioplastics: Fostering a Sustainable and Resource Efficient Circular Economy in Europe by Hasso von Pogrell
Bioeconomy and Food Security: The Relaunch of Agriculture Is at Stake by Marco Moro
EPR - A Building Block of the Circular Economy by Carlo Pesso
EPR as an Economic and Environmental Instrument by Joachim Quoden
Italy: Compost is Catching up by Marco Gisotti
Biofuels: The Aviation Industry Takes Off by Emanuele Bompan
Sardinia: An Alliance between Farmers and Green Chemistry Is Born by Antonio Cianciullo
Problem Solved: Tyres Soon to Become a Versatile Resource by Giorgio Lonardi
Distributed Generation Finally Hits the Bioplastics Production by Roberto Rizzo
The Po Valley: An Open Air Biorefinery by Roberto Rizzo
Biomaterials Come out on Top by Maurizio Quaranta
Circular Design: Matter Exits No Man's land by Emanuele Bompan
A Recurring Health Menace by Stefano Ciafani
Marine Biomass: An Unconventional Wealth by Ilaria Nardello
Straw Yellow Gold by Federico Pedrocchi